Monday, February 26, 2007


There was noise all around me. People drunk and yelling. Slamming doors, blaring car horns. Anonymous laughter bouncing through the night air. Still I dreamt of you.

I walked with you down endless corridors. Immense. gothic,
overwhelming. I looked up and they seem to spin around me.
So many eyes watching from above.

I walked with you slowly. Our every move observed without intent. Your every word echoing through the vast open hallways.Rising from a steady low whisper to a resounding boom.

But to me you spoke softly, gently in a steady monotone thatbecame a chant. A beautiful, flowing psalm of which I had neverheard the likes of before. It spoke to my soul.

You spoke in a language that my ears did not understand. But
my mind and heart took in every word. Delicate and full of pure
grace. You spoke of the divinity of love.

I was not tired but sleep pulled me to you. We walked together those endless corridors in my dream. You spoke to me in a language not earthly. And I understood.

We turned and looked at each other. It seemed like an eternity. We
looked at each other. The eyes from above watched in silence without judgement. Everything shifted. We understood.

©drd 2007