Saturday, April 3, 2010


It was a foggy sunlit morning.
When the sun's rays make their way
past darkened clouds exposing the
mist that floated in the air.
A day like all the others.

Like classical music with a motorcycle beat
and a narration of Korean on the telephone

wave wave wave goodbye to everything that you
indifferently embraced in your past
whisper instead to the present your future
that was waiting always meant to be.

Yours was a plump and happy goddess
long curls falling over stretched peach skin
her smile only a hint of the mirth which resides within

There was a hard short rain. It came fast
and left strange patterns in the street
A ritual taken from the kingdom of the saints

Pray for me you of steel gray eyes
back as straight as your morals
a definition of you as a transformed man

from a trembling youth and naive young man
to the hardened confused creature that stands before me.

Let us not speak of religion or people or love
or notice the shadows cast down by the past
But stand in wait for the next dawning of a day

that was as perfect as the next.

© 2010~SophieD