Sunday, March 18, 2007

Between Heaven and Hell

I passed out against my will.
It was one or two hours. Maybe more.
A feverish trance filled with restless dreams.
Somewhere between Heaven and Hell.
Somewhere. Not earth. Somewhere else.

It was a strange place.
Voices everywhere. Light. Sound.
We both stood there.
There, but not there. Earth, but not Earth.
The physical world moving past us.
Normally in the background.
The two of us seemingly motionless.
Timeless but at an inhuman speed.

Time closed in.
I could feel the slow, steady hummmmm.
Vibrating, steady, insistent.
The world faded away.
Nothing but the sound of a howling wind filled my ears.
To hear what was true

The voice of dissent could not be heard.
Nor could the voice of reason.
Just The Voice. Your voice.
There was a mere hint of the sun.
The world had fallen completely away.
We were somewhere between Heaven and Hell.
Never and Forever. Creation and Never To Be.
Never even thought of.

We looked into each other's eyes.
The realization, the recognition, the awareness.
The world came flooding back just as quickly as it had gone.
And you were no longer there with me.
Just as I was no longer there with you.
The earth moved.
And time moved a little faster.

©2007 drd

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hell's Eternity

Even before I knew you I loved you.
I loved you. I loved you until it hurt.
Mind numbing, excruciating pain.
I still love you.
And the pain is still there.
But I love you anyway.

I love you.
I love you while all the while I die a bit more.
Each moment takes a little bit more of me.
But I love you.
And still I feel myself withering.
But it would be worse if I didn't love you.

I'll love you.
I'll love you even when there is no more time.
Even as the universe ceases to expand.
Even when God says No More! and shuts off the lights.
Even as my soul cries out in eternal pain for the choice I make
I will love you.Through Hell's eternity. I will love you.

©2007 drd

Friday, March 16, 2007

But You Know

Things change. It's true.
People change. Time alters life.
That can't be helped. I understand.
I want to say it doesn't bother me.
But it does. You have to know that.
Just because I haven't said anything,
Doesn't mean I've already stopped caring.
I just had to let you go.
Sort of. In a way. Not really.

I don't want to stand in your way.
Make you feel like a prisoner.
Like you can't get out from under me.
I love you too much for that.
I just love you. It's always been that way.
No matter what happens.
No matter who else you love. I know.
I know in my heart that you think of me.
Kind of. In passing. Maybe not.

I always knew my love was impossible.
But it has always been real for you.
I've always loved you. Unconditionally.
I loved you before I knew you existed.
I'll love you when you are a faint whisper in my ear.
The faltering beat of my heart.
I'll love you in spite of everything.
Even as I write and say I'm over it. I'm not.
Because you know. I'll always love you.

©2007 drd

Monday, March 12, 2007


The beauty of your words sing to me. So gently they call me.Speak my name.
A name that only a knowing soul could know.So softly the words rustle in my ears, settling finally in a saved place,The sacred spot in my heart, reserved for you only.

Your words hold a wisdom so timeless. They have traveled through eternity to
light the pathway that leads from you to me. Star crossed through time, how many times have we lightly touched finger tips onlyto be seperated by the cruel fates?

Your spirit is so strong and pure. I feel it embracing me, enfolding me.I am immersed in your glow, your energy infusing mine, coursing ,flowing through my veins. And I, in turn, flowing through yours. A moment of unmatched being. Like creation itself.

You quelch the darkness with the brilliance of your soul. It beckons me with rays of love's light. Mysterious and weary, but ever vigilant. As my soul makes it's way, once again, back to yours. Two parts, independent, but never truly whole until joined. The bonds of eternity can never be broken.

Together, our darkness is light. Together we are infinity.