Thursday, July 31, 2008


Looking forward no mind can find
no mind can find the seconds passed
the point of the present Locked away somewhere in there


Forever spoken aloud
Passing through the the point of present being
The comatose soul in Forever somewhere
But there was nothing

Looking back there was nothing not written down

Buried deep inside
Locked away passed
Without movement
The fogged mind can find itself momentarily mute there
Somewhere Never spoken aloud But meant to be said

They lived there lost
Yet the seconds passed to days

The reawakening soul
the mind let go

The reawakened soul

©2008 ~SophieD

Monday, July 21, 2008

Soziale Plastik mit Joseph Beuys

Cherry Blossoms Are Blooming Now ~Variation 1

You said to me
A detached voice in the dead of night
(So far away....aren't you?)
Oh my love.....
I bet you never knew.....
You never knew
of anyone who was such big trouble,

And then from another corner of the world
A picture left to me
Of a garden in a church
(Cherry blossoms are blooming now)
Right across the street from where I live
A picture of now.......

Walking home that night....
The dark man who sat huddled casually
On the step of the store
owned by an irate japanese american man
...noone knew what he sold
and noone ever seemed to shop there
Who was against something but what it was was unknown
who had a huge parking lot but let noone park there
The stranger who trespassed upon this step
exchanged a glance with me as I walked past and said:

I'm not real......

I looked back and smiled.
But I did not say what I thought

None of us are.

©2008 ~SophieD