Wednesday, September 24, 2008


How can i speak of love
When everything disintegrates over time
As this facade of purity melts away

and leaves only reality

I wanted to tell you like
wanted to tell you without regret
you were my truth absolute

Something better waits somewhere left behind
for you
One way or another impends for me
Tis true

how your brilliance shined
Knowing I loved you
innocence fades away
faith shatters

How often I have cried at you that I loved the only you I loved
When everything was over we could walk away


Even as the illusion of time decays
You say that I can never leave
Would it be good enough for


you are a different breed.

~SophieD 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the moon festival

dead branches of the past
wanting and regret
Pass all
Bound by the curse of human

Many years long past long flow through your ties that tether
I liked your transformation . that myth of resurrection
ceasing in the struggle
to that control.

the wondering soul

Still, there The moon festival came
long past flowing through your veins
Many years the pores of self
created reminisance your skewed memory
I thought broke the surface of your scattered leaves
Moments filling the obstacles that mark one's life

Lies Lie at the end

I thought
there are brilliant times ahead
watch as they crack the membrane of your mind
without a forgiveness for
Those barren branches of the past
strewn amongst the consciousness of one neglectful soul

Silent Still

As the Moon leaving the festival
made her final descent


Thursday, August 28, 2008


from me.
the breath of else than what I understand
I know....I don't speak now
I am nothing
without you

if we have us
Forget past abandonment...
there is longing of your skin

us... if we have us
you redefined.
I unknown....
I desire nothing without you

when I am that time
I lifeless reside behind the veil
of what you feel

I achingly desired something other than what desire is .

It's without you
love soft caress...
Maybe I am something other than what I am

and us... if we have us
That pale light of
your imagination sprung
from the prison of your skin

a reinvention of me.
from within you


Sunday, August 24, 2008


What is the point of
keeping those things I cherish most

As the world closes in on consequence ?

All these lifeless people
Their blood turned gray

I am still love though my patience is tried.

The Used derided,
scoffed upon
wondering .....

What weakness is best?

In keeping with that thing
I breathe Electric waves a fool
Still keep moving my way.... As soul

And that fatal flaw..... unconditional love
The thing that least sustains us here

Shows brilliant moments ,
only to be made a mockery of

Signposts Ignored,
I am surrounded

Still Doing what I could
to move the hardest heart

That "The" I want.


Sunday, August 3, 2008


In that moment you touched me
there in your eyes a sad smile
the sun's beam

The eclipse came
Endless sky so gentle you stumbled back
The lunar eclipse came consumed all
glistened kind
And I knew then inside you
of you studying your face
And there in your eyes was something


We on the moon throwing stones
across stars catching the thereness
Just you in golden light
I laughed
shrouded in darkness
Until you glanced back

Just in that moment you touched me
I loved you
Your eyes were something so gentle

The universe exploded
in a white slightly sad smile

©2008 ~SophieD

Thursday, July 31, 2008


Looking forward no mind can find
no mind can find the seconds passed
the point of the present Locked away somewhere in there


Forever spoken aloud
Passing through the the point of present being
The comatose soul in Forever somewhere
But there was nothing

Looking back there was nothing not written down

Buried deep inside
Locked away passed
Without movement
The fogged mind can find itself momentarily mute there
Somewhere Never spoken aloud But meant to be said

They lived there lost
Yet the seconds passed to days

The reawakening soul
the mind let go

The reawakened soul

©2008 ~SophieD

Monday, July 21, 2008

Soziale Plastik mit Joseph Beuys

Cherry Blossoms Are Blooming Now ~Variation 1

You said to me
A detached voice in the dead of night
(So far away....aren't you?)
Oh my love.....
I bet you never knew.....
You never knew
of anyone who was such big trouble,

And then from another corner of the world
A picture left to me
Of a garden in a church
(Cherry blossoms are blooming now)
Right across the street from where I live
A picture of now.......

Walking home that night....
The dark man who sat huddled casually
On the step of the store
owned by an irate japanese american man
...noone knew what he sold
and noone ever seemed to shop there
Who was against something but what it was was unknown
who had a huge parking lot but let noone park there
The stranger who trespassed upon this step
exchanged a glance with me as I walked past and said:

I'm not real......

I looked back and smiled.
But I did not say what I thought

None of us are.

©2008 ~SophieD