Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Love.... in the most perfect way

The man with graveyard eyes looked blank and said
There is a woman who cleans toilets
somewhere in the deserts of California

She often sees the Messiah
while making a living in last chance gas stations
on her knees.

I could see he was trapped alone
within the privacy of his own impulses

You are my saviour he said.
I have been looking everywhere.
I arrive nowhere and I meet you here.
On a rundown deserted street corner
at the appointed time of desolation.

the embodiment of false humility
eyes cast downward
His body shrugged with insecurity.
The Gods must be angry......he whispered

Jesus punched me in the face today
It was really a tap on the brain
But when he does it. well,
It leaves a mark

Sad truths imparted often incur trifling problems
But I knew what needed to be said:
Jesus is not who he pretends to be

He laughed
it was like sunshine on the edge of hatred
at the waters of bubonic bliss

with tear soaked vocal cords he said
I must be into bondage...
hard to explain without any form of visuals
freaks me out I am a disciple of discipline

the key to understanding that thing
that can mean so many things.

Usually something else.

You are my saviour he echoed
I don't know what I would have done
If you hadn't been here NOW

(These singular moments are meant to be
as stretching to forever always is.)

Infinite solitary eternities

grounded by reality
trapped in the physicality of nothing
I smiled

if he only knew me

© 2009~SophieD