Wednesday, September 24, 2008


How can i speak of love
When everything disintegrates over time
As this facade of purity melts away

and leaves only reality

I wanted to tell you like
wanted to tell you without regret
you were my truth absolute

Something better waits somewhere left behind
for you
One way or another impends for me
Tis true

how your brilliance shined
Knowing I loved you
innocence fades away
faith shatters

How often I have cried at you that I loved the only you I loved
When everything was over we could walk away


Even as the illusion of time decays
You say that I can never leave
Would it be good enough for


you are a different breed.

~SophieD 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the moon festival

dead branches of the past
wanting and regret
Pass all
Bound by the curse of human

Many years long past long flow through your ties that tether
I liked your transformation . that myth of resurrection
ceasing in the struggle
to that control.

the wondering soul

Still, there The moon festival came
long past flowing through your veins
Many years the pores of self
created reminisance your skewed memory
I thought broke the surface of your scattered leaves
Moments filling the obstacles that mark one's life

Lies Lie at the end

I thought
there are brilliant times ahead
watch as they crack the membrane of your mind
without a forgiveness for
Those barren branches of the past
strewn amongst the consciousness of one neglectful soul

Silent Still

As the Moon leaving the festival
made her final descent