Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Do you think of me as I sleep?
For I feel you enter my dreams
Each and every night.
You come to me with the cool night wind.
Your advance is heard in the gentle rustling
Of the leaves in the tree right outside my window.
A window I gaze out of each and every day.
While my mind wanders to the place
Where you sit daydreaming.

For you are a weaver of magic.
A creator of worlds; of universes.
You make me want you. I love you so.

You come to me as a gentle kiss.
A soft caress from the night breeze
That stirs the passion in my breast.
The fire in my heart.
Time has not diminished
The burning flames of my desire.
Instead it grows stronger, more consuming
With each second that passes.

I love you.
Eien ni ai suru.
Ai shite iru kara.
Aishitemasu .

I love you. I just love you.

©2007 drd