Friday, July 10, 2009


I thought we were all on the verge
of a nervous breakdown
For someone so tied up you are beyond out of control
with anyone, any where, why or how
there is never a reason.
He saw you consumed by his will
the fiery tumultuous ice cold volcano

We exchange laughter on the edge of hysteria
sitting together thinking under the pain
the lies tiny injustices that flow through blood
making our veins one truth
so we smile when it seems most inappropriate to do so.
those times when we should
I'm compulsive
Like I said
My life is an open shut book
some of the chapters are obscure
but it's my truth without flinching
Reality. I live it.
If I merely judged a man by what came out of his mouth
I'd be in big trouble.

We screamed at each other in public places
A romantic notion of an excuse to say fuck you
but what we meant was fuck this world
that is so devoid of life, of soul
there is no emotion anymore
We screamed at each other
same words, same thoughts
and we liked it.

There was no beginning
we never told each other what to think
both of us were already there
in some sort of unsettling happiness.
We understood each other.

© 2009~SophieD

Sunday, July 5, 2009

In truth,
the only time I have ever slept with a Poet
is when I have slept alone...

It is funny those things we are forced to remember
and those which we are compelled to forget

I don't think we should talk about love.


I don't think that is a place that either of us are at,
Have we ever been there?
If I tell you I have love in my heart
and I believe. I believe
But my mind betrays me. Was it ever really there?
I can't tell you the answer.
I can only show you where we are.
Here, love is not here.
And if I hurt you. If I crush you
If I walk away. WHat would you call that?
That is the mind screaming to stay away.
Stay. Go away. Stay.
Don't love me. Love me. ME,
We live our lives the best we can.
I suppose the only way possible.
And in spite of everything we try to create something
that has meaning. Means something.
To me it doesn't matter for what.
It just is for the sake of is.
All it is are my thoughts
and thoughts are just the mind's way
of trying to define reality.
So you want to know what mine is?

Read my mind.