Saturday, April 21, 2012


Waiting for the next line
Life as is on the fringe, the edge
the verge of something

He looked at me and said:
"You are so free...without inhibitions.
You scare me."

I don't understand your nuances yet...
but i will.

"You."  he said. "You are an angel.
I am talking to an angel. Me?
I'm just trying to get my life together."

Be nice to me.
Tell me everything is going to be alright.
If it's not the truth.
Lie to me (like this was the only time.)
It makes me feel as if I am doomed.

As he gazed at me, eyes dewy from narcotic reverie,
I said, " You are trapped in a woman surrounded by women."
Morpheus wept.

"You are a chemical imbalance" he replied
"but then, all humans are."

They are all drunks and junkies and eternal losers
these men I like. I am not a forever kind of woman.
who could stay beside me long enough to spend forever with?

He looked at me
and said with an air of complete bewilderment:
"I thought I knew what you were all about. But
you are not what I had you figured out to be at all."

Waiting for reaction where there is none.

We are complete rational insanity
That makes the two of us sane. (Doesn't it?)
We are all just moments pieced together
trying to make something whole.
Life is tough. Love.

Love still lingers

© 2009~SophieD

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sun Dreams

Never mind the darkened past 
The pains and yearnings of long ago 
Never mind the broken promises and dreams
 that have long turned to dust 
Forget the fragile hearts
 including mine 
that you've broken 
and the love you so carelessly threw away 
While walking upon your illusion strewn path 
Time's folly quickly fades away 
You remain my sun, my shining sun
Nestled deep within my soul
 Dangerously alluring to gaze upon 
so glorious, bright and warm 
But here is the part of you
 that breaks my heart 
You are impossible to touch.

© 2012~SophieD

Monday, April 2, 2012


Trick the Gods
Trick them. Raise your hooves
above the rain soaked dirt track
and fly with the Santa Ana Winds
Don't hesitate
ZombySlayer Mr Darcy
Don't let your jockey look awry
or hold you back
But fly

I hear the thundering of the horses
behind you
Moving fast, nostrils flared
Veins rising through skin
forming throbbing designs on silken coats
Manes waving in the wind
A beautiful sight to behold

As they turn for the finish line
I do not see the majestic mountains
or the cloudless sky
or any other horse
but you, ZombySlayerMrDarcy
You who ran hard to the end
who tricked the Gods.
Who was proudly victorious for himself
and for me at 16-1

© 2012~SophieD