Monday, May 21, 2007


When we were small and young

and fragile

And giants ruled our world
We lived in awe

and fear

of these looming beings
These all knowing Gods
Our Father who art


Looming large against the sky
in heaven
as we, small, insignificant


turned our primitive minds and eyes
to gaze up at them
their figures emcased in a golden aura


from the sun beaming down on them

giving praise to
hallowed be they name
acknowledging the omnipotence of
these glorious dark creatures

of light

These dieties
GIANT giants
MAN gods

in all their glory glory glory


In their greatness
Their power
Thy kingdom come
They lorded over us the little creatures
Thy will be done
forever and ever and ever


Their word like the commandments
On earth as it was
Straight from the heavens
their voices booming like God


from the highest mountain

They were the giants
The monsters in the night
in our closet under the bed
The things we feared obeyed
cowering genuflection


Suffer the little children to come unto me

Until it was our turn
to loom big against the sun
to be the giants
but somehow

some way
forgive me my trespasses

at least for me
Should I forgive those who trespassed

against me?

the magic was gone.

©2007 drd~sophie

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Yes. It Does

It had only been a blink of the eye. a brief moment.
When the world collapsed into itself. At least, according to me.
And really, me is all who ever really matters.

Isn't it?

A quick flash of lightning, a drop of rain hitting the window pane.
And it was all over. The end of life as we know it.
More importantly, as I know it.

Me. Myself. I.

Light became dark and dark lost all meaning.
And the flesh, the flesh lost all form.
The fat had melted off the tired human frames
into a sea of warm blubber.
Bubbling, reveling in it's revolting residue staining what was left
of the solid earth.

Cannibalized by our own nature.

Nadir not nurture.

Anti matter is all that matters. Matter has no weight.
Weight has no mass. Mass has no meaning. Meaning has no value.
Value has no worth. Worth is worthless.

all sense makes no sense which is pure nonsense.

Insense the insensate
Incense the senses.

The being, the creation implodes itself with purpose
Defiling what it worships. Imploring, ignoring what it hates.
Destroying what it cannot create. Creating what cannot exist.
And so falls in upon itself.

Aborted Insecution
Self inflicted Execution.

If pride and folly go before the fall
And noone and nothing is left to see the nothing
Does it still have meaning?


Yes it does.

©2007 drd~sophie

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©2007 drd~sophie