Thursday, June 14, 2007


There's no need to be scared
Everything will be all right
Just believe that
And it will be so
That's the believing.

I know you don't believe me.
That it couldn't possibly be that easy.
Well, it's not easy.
But it works.
Think of how the world could be


If one person at a time
Just believed that the world could be better
Believed that people could heal
and let go of hatred, old wounds
Think of how the world would be


If within yourself you said
I don't hate anyone
I forgive everyone everything
I'm not angry anymore
Think how you would feel


You would feel free
You would become love
And your spirit of love would
others around you
and the world would change


It doesn't matter in the end
who is right and who is wrong
who has the last word
If the word
the world
ends in hate

The world can change
Believe. Believe in love


©2007 drd~sophie